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Meet The Artist by Sophiechan6 Meet The Artist :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 2 5 [APH] Romania by Sophiechan6 [APH] Romania :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 4 4 [APH] Romania - Without Color by Sophiechan6 [APH] Romania - Without Color :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 2 0 [APH] S.Korea by Sophiechan6 [APH] S.Korea :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 2 0 [APH] S.Korea - Without Color by Sophiechan6 [APH] S.Korea - Without Color :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 1 0 [APH] Lithuania by Sophiechan6 [APH] Lithuania :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 4 1 [APH] Lithuania - Without Color by Sophiechan6 [APH] Lithuania - Without Color :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 5 0 [APH] Italy by Sophiechan6 [APH] Italy :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 5 0 [APH] Romano by Sophiechan6 [APH] Romano :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 4 0 [APH] Cyprus by Sophiechan6 [APH] Cyprus :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 2 0 [APH] Spain by Sophiechan6 [APH] Spain :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 2 0 [APH] Greece by Sophiechan6 [APH] Greece :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 4 1 [Danganronpa] Sayaka Maizono by Sophiechan6 [Danganronpa] Sayaka Maizono :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 0 0 [Hetalia] N.Italy by Sophiechan6 [Hetalia] N.Italy :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 0 0 [Hetalia] Romano by Sophiechan6 [Hetalia] Romano :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 1 1 [Hetalia OC] Thessaloniki by Sophiechan6 [Hetalia OC] Thessaloniki :iconsophiechan6:Sophiechan6 3 5
Hello!Check out my drawings ^^
I mostly draw Anime (especially Hetalia),but lately I'm trying to draw some irl people too. I would appreciate if you could check out my gallery and if you like my work 'watch' me :)


boomboom | wsssxx by sugarmeanie boomboom | wsssxx :iconsugarmeanie:sugarmeanie 14 4 Iced White Chocolate Mocha by itslopez Iced White Chocolate Mocha :iconitslopez:itslopez 1,501 38 Cotton by Cyarin Cotton :iconcyarin:Cyarin 1,972 41 Irish Boy by daekazu Irish Boy :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,509 72 OOTD Sketch #9 by Cyarin OOTD Sketch #9 :iconcyarin:Cyarin 1,548 30 Melanie Martinez - Pity Party [Manga Version] by Annington Melanie Martinez - Pity Party [Manga Version] :iconannington:Annington 116 15 FEMME by Cyarin FEMME :iconcyarin:Cyarin 1,758 39 I'll be the end of you - Tira Soul Calibur cosplay by Voldiesama I'll be the end of you - Tira Soul Calibur cosplay :iconvoldiesama:Voldiesama 46 2 OOTD Sketch #8 by Cyarin OOTD Sketch #8 :iconcyarin:Cyarin 1,402 32 [APH] Poland - The Phoenix [Contest Entry] by Annington [APH] Poland - The Phoenix [Contest Entry] :iconannington:Annington 104 24
BTLG- Curl Misunderstandings - Greece x Reader
You woke up to a strange grumble. Then *POW!*
The ground around you shook; it shook so hard that your teeth rattled.
In shock you sat straight up.
Then another earthquake hit! *GRRR!*
You saw a huge shadow loom over you and once you looked up, it took a moment for you to realize some ruins were about to fall on top of you!
One of the huge columns fell toward you. “EEEK!” you screeched. In a split second, your body was launched to move.
Your poor palms had its skin shaved off as you escaped the falling columns. You then burst onto your feet and ran!
‘Where the hell am I?!’ you mentally bellowed. Your eyes scanned the place as you ran.
Ruins littered everywhere showing you were at some type of lost, crumbling city. The strangest thing was that a lot of these ruins resembled the ones in Greece.
“Could it really be-?!” You were cut off mid-sent
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 475 102
BTLG- Clueless but Lovable Man- Denmark x Reader
*chirp chirp*
*woosh* *crash*
‘What in the-?’
Your eyes snapped open.
You woke up near a lot of beech trees next to the beach. You saw waves crash to shore about 100 yards away from you.
You raised your head and looked down. You saw that the bottom half of your body was lying on the sand while your torso and head were lying on the roots of a huge beech tree.
“How in the heck did I get here?” you asked yourself.
You raised yourself onto your elbows. “Okay that’s better, now I have to stand- Ah!” A sharp pain equivalent to a knife stab jolted through your spine. As your head fell back, it coincidentally hit a jagged rock.
“O-ow!”  you squeaked.
You felt warm liquid from the back of your head leaking onto your shoulders.
Then something weird happened.
You were pulled inside your mind and you could literally see your memories fading away into the darkness.
‘No!’ you menta
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 327 81
Beyond the Looking Glass Intro ~ Hetalia x Reader
-this is a series that will involve many different situations involving many different countries who will eventually end up with you, the beloved reader. 
Please forgive the long description of your belongings, they all are important for the continuation of this story.  Thank you!
Read happily and read on my young padawon -//Star Wars reference = shot//-
It was a long day from work/school. You were both mentally and physically exhausted. The only thing that kept your body moving was the motivation that your bed was eagerly waiting for you with its soft covers and fluffy pillows. Oh! And don’t forget that poster with all your Hetalia characters on it! Yes, you were a megafan of Hetalia, almost to the point of obsession; but there was one character you greatly admired. Who am I kidding? You were absolutely IN LOVE with Mr. Sexy (fav Hetalia character)!!!
As you walked to the front door of your house, and took out your keys. But sadly as you took them out of your pa
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 1,629 1,256
[Aph America] Always Be Happy by MinaTenshi [Aph America] Always Be Happy :iconminatenshi:MinaTenshi 29 2 Adapting by Cyarin Adapting :iconcyarin:Cyarin 903 9 L-ET'S MAK-E SOM-E NOIS-E - Meenah cosplay by Voldiesama L-ET'S MAK-E SOM-E NOIS-E - Meenah cosplay :iconvoldiesama:Voldiesama 98 28
Some amazing photos from drawings (art in general),cosplayers and stories that I love<3



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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm not really active here anymore.
I used to draw, but I didn't enjoy it anymore so I quit.

My social media:
+ ask for more


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